Celebrating the Great British Picnic

Thursday A new report released today by the c/o British Farming campaign has found that the British are officially a nation of picnic lovers.

The telephone survey conducted found that six out of ten of us enjoying at least one al fresco feast every summer, and 40% of people having more picnics now than five years ago.

And some people absolutely love outdoor dining, with 14% picnicing at least ten times a year.

However, 40% also said that they were not keen on picnics, as factors such as the unreliable weather and insects put them off.

To mark British Picnic Week, (August 25 – August 31) c/o British Farming has produced a ‘perfect picnic planner’, to help enthusiasts refine their experiences and offer encouragement to first timers.

Top tips include keeping things simple, and using seasonal British produce, wearing sensible clothes,and novel ways to remove grass stains.

Speaking on behalf of the c/o British Farming Campaign, NFU President Ben Gill said: ‘There can hardly be a more beautiful place in the world to have the perfect picnic than the British countryside in the summer.

‘British Picnic Week is a great way to encourage people into the countryside to enjoy beautiful scenery, fresh air and hopefully even a bit of good weather.’