Dog Tales: How Crumble became a Country Life frontispiece, found a husband and had five puppies

A brilliant lonely (dog) hearts ad for Crumble was shared by us at Country Life – and ended up sparking a canine romance that has brought five gorgeous puppies into the world.

At Country Life, we absolutely love dogs. And we know you do too. So we’ve decided to start sharing stories of our canine pals – and yours – so we can enjoy each others’ up and downs. Drop us a line at if you’d like your dog(s) to be featured. 

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It all began back in February, when the team at the Country Life website received this lovely message from reader Hester Dalton via our Facebook page.

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That’s right, little Crumble, looking for love, was transformed into a Country Life Frontispiece – aka a ‘Girl in Pearls’.

Tickled pink by this lovely idea, we happily shared the message on our social media pages.

For a long time after that, we thought no more about it.

Then, in July, we received this message:

Well, what else could we say?

The answer came back quickly…

Hester was speaking the truth!

We shared those pics with the world in July, and assumed that we’d hear no more.

Thankfully, we were wrong!

Enjoy? Oh yes!

Hester also gave us a group pic identifying all five… and letting us know which one they couldn’t bear to see leave:

Huge congratulations to Hester and Kate, and of course to Crumble and Ted!

We’ll finish up with a picture of the proud parents…


If you’ve got a special dog and would like to share his or her story with us, please email the team via