Three of Britain’s finest sculpture parks, where you can enjoy the art — and then take it home with you

Sculpture parks offer a beautiful and unusual way to enjoy art in an outdoor setting — and many of the pieces can be bought to have delivered to your own garden.

The Sculpture Park, Surrey

For art lovers, collectors, sculptors, photographers and nature enthusiasts The Sculpture Park in Churt is something of a hidden gem. Upon entering the 10-acre site nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills between Farnham and Haslemere, you’re transported into a magical world of water gardens, woodlands and incredible sculptures. The park is a family business, founded in 2001 by local businessman Eddie Powell. Eddie and his team landscaped this stretch of undeveloped land and turned it into a place which welcomes over 30,000 visitors a year from all corners of the globe.

An eclectic mix of sculptures from national and international artists are on display for all to see, giving the talented artists a platform to be recognised and appreciated. From up and coming local sculptors, to well established globally recognised names, artists come from far and wide to display their work in this picturesque outdoor gallery.

The Sculpture Park in Surrey

Sculptures have been created using every subject, material and style available and are displayed upon the water, amongst the bushes and high in the trees.

The Sculpture Park houses a world-class collection of 20th century, modern and contemporary sculpture — and nearly all the pieces on display are available to buy, with staff able to help out on delivery and installation. So keep your eye out for the sculpture that sings to you and you could have it in your own garden by the next day.

The Sculpture Park — 01428 605453 /

Artparks International, Guernsey

'Infinity Curve No.3' by Wenqin Chen at Artparks

‘Infinity Curve No.3’ by Wenqin Chen at Artparks.

The Sculpture Park at Sausmarez Manor in Guernsey was started in the last century with works from most parts of the world, and greatly helped by John Mills — the then-president of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

The park soon spawned a website which has grown to showing around 12,000 sculptures making it possibly the largest dedicated sculpture website in Britain — if not the world. Today it’s used not just by private individuals but also designers, architects and other specialists, due to its enormous choice of brilliant sculpture ranging from a few hundred pounds to over £100,000.

It also has the benefit of being easy to use, making it simple to find what you are looking for — the ideal place to find everything from pet memorials and nudes to sculptures of the famous, stainless steel contemporary abstract pieces or bronze animals.

Artparks International — 01481 235571 /

The New Art Centre, Wiltshire

The New Art Centre in Wiltshire.

The New Art Centre specialises in modern and contemporary sculpture. Based at Roche Court, Wiltshire, the sculptures are sited in a sixty-acre sculpture park with temporary exhibitions held in award winning gallery spaces.

The location is also home also to the Roche Court Educational Trust, which organises diverse events and activities for students of all ages.

The New Art Centre — 01980 862244 /