Top 20 islands for property investment

New research identifies the world's top 20 islands ripe for investment.

Bermuda has claimed the top spot in a new list of the world’s top 20 islands for UNHWI (ultra high-net-worth individuals) property investment.

The report – produced by Candy & Candy, Savills World Research and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management – analysed the global property market based on volume of UNHWI property holdings, transport links to mainland markets, sources of capital and occupiers, tax regime and property prices.

“A private island is the ultimate trophy asset,” says Nicholas Candy, CEO, Candy & Candy. “But financial return is not the primary motivation. These buyers are seeking the ultimate hideaway and a chance to shape their own world. For them, the qualities “remote” and “private” are priceless.”

Yolande Barnes, Director of Savills World Research agrees: “The last 10 years were the decade of prime urban property investment; the next 10 years will see a growing appetite for island real estate investment and lifestyle. For the world’s wealthy, the pinnacle of achievement is to own what is exclusive and rare, so an island property goes hand-in-hand with a luxury apartment in a prime city.”

Bermuda, where the price of a typical four bedroom property now exceeds $4 million, is closely followed by the Hawaiian islands, the Florida Keys, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

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The Top 20 Islands
1. Bermuda
2. Bahamas
3. Channel Islands
4. British Virgin Islands
5. Antigua
6. Islands ajoining the west coast of Florida
7. US Virgin Islands
8. Hawaiian Islands
9. Islands ajoining the east coast of Florida
10. Cayman Islands
11. Islands ajoining the Carolinas
12. Florida Keys
13. Nantucket
14. Saint Martin
15. Fijian Islands
16. Saint Barthelemy
17. Martha’s Vineyard
18. Seychelles
19 Man made islands off Dubai
20. San Juan Islands & Whidbey Island

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