Holly Kirkwood finds it may be getting even harder to build a new country house, and considers some ways to win local officers round.

New data tracking house price rises since the beginning of the year paints a picture of continued growth, particularly in the north.

The ODPM's figures for March indicate a slowdown in house price inflation compared with this time last year.

A new concept in property investment has arrived in London, as a unique high-quality hotel offers investors a place to rest their heads, as well as a good rate of…

The latest Halifax figures reveal house prices continuing on the up, but also predict a slowdown in the latter part of this year.

Hometrack's figures for April have confirmed the perception that the market is continuing to hold, despite warnings to the contrary.

Nationwide says April showed no sign of a slowdown, gradual or otherwise, but it still expects the market to cool later this year.

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The House of Lords recently overturned a ruling in favour of the villagers of Newtown in Hampshire, enabling them to continue accessing their property over privately owned land. Could this…

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According to one Agent's figure London has come out of the doldrums, and prices are again on the march.

Lincolnshire represents the best value to house hunters, according to a confidential survey of 2000 estate agents carried out by COUNTRY LIFE

Goldman Sachs has joined the growing number of voices predicting a fall in house prices though others still think differently.

The seemingly unstoppable rise of house price inflation has finally come to a halt, according to new figures released by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

House prices in the west of Scotland are rising faster than at almost any time in the last four years, says a Scottish agent.