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If only one book on the repair and maintenance of old houses was permitted on the bookshelf, Matthew Slocombe recommends this one as an authoritative, jargon-free source of information.

Ursula Buchan's approach to gardening is witty and refreshing and her book, Good in a Bed, showcases the very best of her writing, making for a very pleasant read.

Damson and sloe gin is best made in the summer months while the fruits are at their most succulent. Chris Barber passes on his surefire recipe

The latest figures from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister find the housing market healthy, but slowing down.

We pick one of the most popular properties on our search facility and find out a bit more about why it has proved so popular.

RICS has found that city folk are keeping the rural market buoyant as farmers, wary of the implications CAP reform may have on them, are neither buying nor selling.

One of Virginia's finest and most historic homes, as recently featured in COUNTRY LIFE, is to be put on the market.

The latest RICS survey has found a rise in house prices and less properties on the market than one might expect.

The new rural planning consultation paper confirms the Government's plans to remove the so-called 'country house clause'[b]Countrylife.co.uk[/b]looks at the implications for the new country house.…

Forget the Lake District and Cheshire, the place to buy is the beautiful land north of Manchester, and south of Carlisle, says Holly Kirkwood.

Concerns over the National Trust's plans to redevelop the derelict hospital site at its grounds on the famous Cliveden estate are threatening to overshadow its AGM next month.

Leslie Geddes-Brown struggles to find more than one good recipe for sweetcorn, the eternally simple foodstuff that has successfully resisted all culinary change for centuries if not millennia. The other…

Picnics are a classic way to enjoy good food and beautiful countryside, as the c/o British Farming Group marks British Picnic Week with a 'perfect picnic planner'.

Despite widespread fears, the Government 'has no intention of curtailing either shooting or angling'.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England is campaigning to limit the mass house building in the South East, which the Government is proposing.

Terrier work is the latest victim of a series of amendments to the Hunting Bill, which saw rural affairs minister Alun Michael voting against his own Bill, as country sports…

The seabird haven of St Kilda off the Western Isles of Scotland is bidding to expand its World Heritage status to recognise the cultural importance of the islanders who once…