Bucket List inspiration: The golden beaches, towering jungle and incredible wildlife of Sri Lanka

A new short film showing the beauty of Sri Lanka has us feeling inspired.

A few months ago, some friends went across to Sri Lanka for three weeks. On their return, when asked how it was, they had ‘that’ look in their eyes.

You know the one; you’ve probably had it yourself: partly dreamy, partly sad, partly frustrated at how it’s just too hard to describe what sort of perspective-changing trip you’ve just come back from.

I did what we all do – nodded, said how it ‘sounds lovely’ and got on with my life. But I was reminded of that look this week when a video arrived in my inbox from Sri Lanka’s tourist board, who have channelled their inner David Attenborough’s to make a film which shows off this beautiful island’s natural wonders.

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Spectacular. Consider Sri Lanka added to the bucket list.