We've rounded up the most delicious, rich hot chocolates, perfect for sipping by the fire

Today’s hot chocolates are a world away from the stuff you used to drink as a child – rich, thick, full-flavoured and made from the finest quality chocolate. Here are some of our favourites, which we’d recommend stocking up on as the nights draw in.

Montezumas Christmas Hot ChocMontezuma’s Spiced Mandarin Drinking Chocolate really does taste of Christmas: organic chocolate shavings blended with a hint of wintery spice and citrus. £6.99 for 300g (www.montezumas.co.uk)

Bettys Hot Chocolate in a Mug makes the perfect present for someone with a sweet tooth. The award-winning blend is infused with Madagascan vanilla, to offset the delicious depth of the Swiss dark chocolate. £15 for 190g, plus a cream Leedsware mug (www.bettys.co.uk)

Charbonnel & WalkerCharbonnel & Walker’s 70% Dark Drinking Chocolate is one for the grown-ups, whisked into milk and topped with cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. £8 for 300g (www.charbonnel.co.uk)

Paul A
Paul A. Young’s Aztec Hot Chocolate Spiced has hints of cinamon, cardamom and nutmig. It’s so rich that it doesn’t need milk – just hot water to really bring out the flavours of the 70% chocolate chunks. £12.50 per bag from Craved (http://cravedlondon.com), or Paul A. Young’s London boutiques (www.paulayoung.co.uk)
Hans SloaneHans Sloane Drinking Chocolates have won all sorts of awards, for good reason: the beads melt beautifully into hot milk, creating a deliciously rich and thick drink. Try the Ecuador 70% blend, with hints of licorice and banana. From £4.49 per box (www.sirhanssloane.com)

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