Tips on winter gardening

Give more thought to your garden in winter, says Roddy Llewellyn who outlines his tips for plants which guarantee winter cheer

Planting on waterlogged land

Mark Griffiths finds that landscaping around flood-prone land can be a wonderful way of protecting the houses in the area

Autumn colour in the garden

Michael Heseltine celebrates the joys of autumn colour in the garden, and suggests what to plant to get the best effect.

Top ten tulips

November is prime tulip-planting season. Country Life selects the finest tulips and recommends tulip suppliers

Fall perennials

The best plants for the garden in Autumn sometimes have summer colour as well, says Mark Griffiths

Traditional garden tools

The design of garden tools has barely changed in the last hundreds, or even thousands of years says Kathryn Bradley-Hole

Head Planting tips for walnut trees

If unsure about what to grow in a garden, take inspiration from the neighbours, says Roddy Llewellyn, who planted an avenue of walnut trees in his home in France

Applauding the trumpet vine

Mark Griffiths encountered some examples of trumpet vine in Worcester College gardens that he has never seen before

Collecting seeds for next year

The flooding may drive up the price of vegetables, as well as making seeds scarce next year - all the more reason to collect your own this autumn, says Roddy.

New bulbs and exotic plants

Michael finds much to be tempted by at Hampton Court Palace flower show, particularly some hardy plants accustomed to sub-zero temperatures