Best new plants of 2008

Jinny Blom, Sir Roy Strong and others recommend the most rewarding plants that were new to them this year

Gardening tips for this week

It’s time to prune apple trees and wisteria and as the days begin to get shorter, extend growing season for salads by planting under glass

This week’s gardening tips

Throughout August, the most vulnerable fruits to wasps are plums and figs and it's also time to cut back the old fruiting canes of your summer raspberries

Kitchen garden tips this week

It's time to harvest French, runner beans and courgettes regularly, prune cherries and lift up the onions says our gardening expert

Barnsley House Garden

The iconic garden at Barnsley House – now a boutique country house hotel – is more interesting than ever

Gardening tips for late July

This week, attention is required on Chinese cabbage, organic parsley, pea shoots and measures against summer wind damage

Kitchen garden tips

With incessant rain, it's a good idea to keep checking your strawberries and remove any that are showing signs of rot

Gardener’s tips: mid June

This week it’s time to pay attention to your peas, shrubby herbs (which should be trimmed regularly to prevent flowering) and the organic tomatoes need a feed

Practical gardener

This week it's time to prune Weigelas, start protecting plants in the greenhouse and plant leeks, says our practical gardener

Gardening tips for mid May

Now is a good time to plant tomatoes in an unheated greenhouse and peas sown now will be ready to harvest in August, advises our practical gardener

This week in the garden

The risk of frost is still with us but soil preparation now can save rushing later, advises Philip Maddison

Tips for the garden in April

Ground conditions, Clematis, Nasturtium and Dahlias all require some attention this week according to Philip Maddison