Chelsea winning show garden

A garden which represents the personal space of an astronaut on a tour of duty on Mars was awarded Best Show Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show this year

Chelsea Flower Show winners 2007

In one of the best Chelsea Flower Shows since the mid 90s, judges have awarded 'Best Show Garden' to a study in man's relationship with the environment

Benefits of the changing climate

Doom-mongers who say that climate change will make spring disappear are utterly wrong, says Kathryn: just look at Mediterranean gardens in springtime.

Daffodils and house plants

Leave the daffodils a while longer so they can replentish for next spring and consider giving the house plants a holiday, suggests Roddy.

April in the garden

Although his traditional six-month cycle in the garden has changed thanks to global warming, Michael Heseltine remembers an important part of gardening is to relax

Good taste in gardening

This spring, as an antidote to visual serenity, Mark is introducing pots stuffed with fiery and flamboyant flowering bulbs

Shrubbery cull

David clears out his old shrubbery with a mini digger, and turns it into a 'trial' space at Bryan's Ground.

Climate change fatigue

Although some ideas about what one does and does not spray on the garden may be out of date, a 70 year old book still contains many pearls of wisdom.

Springtime in the garden

As spring finally arrives, David starts a love affair with bamboo following a present from a friend.

Rediscovering the kitchen garden

Kathryn Bradley-Hole finds comfort in her convalescence from re-runs of an inspiring programme on the kitchen garden which was much before its time…

Monochrome Planting

Mrs Danvers suggests something a little different for next spring, inspired by monochrome planting at Stourhead

Brightening the garden in February

Mark Griffiths gets inspired by a Japanese literary work which includes some lovely descriptions of plants and gardens. The crimson plover in particular brightens up an otherwise dreary February, he…

Christmas Azaleas and Topiary

Roddy Llewellyn advises how to make the azaleas last longer than a matter of weeks, and suggests how to get started for those who would dabble in topiary