The queenly quince and languishing lilacs

Roddy decides it's worth the risk planting a quince tree, though they are susceptible to many blights, and continues his search for the best way to garden as organically as…

In my Garden: Sweet Shop Borders

The opportunity to bring more light into his garden leads David to experiment with his 'sweet shop' borders; as it turned out it was the perfect summer for such a…

The Thorny Beauty of Thistles

Now is the time of year that the thistles start casting their seeds to the wind, and it's a wonderful sight, finds Mary Anne Robb

What to deadhead and what to leave alone

Although unfashionable, Mark Griffiths finds deadheading a necessity at this time of year, as long as you are careful about what you take and what you leave...

Renovating Old Gardens

Roddy Llewellyn suggest the best way to attack an unkempt lawn which tends to greet you when one moves into a new house

Caring for Potatoes and Apples

David finds a bumper autumn crop keeps him on his toes finding the most successful ways to eat, drink and store his garden's bounty

Autumn Gardens

The snap in the air and the cooler evenings tell us that autumn is upon us once more. This time of year gardens erupt in a blaze of colour as…

The Garden of Ninfa, Italy

Isobel Walsh pays a visit to a gem of a garden which has grown up among the ruins of a medieval town in southern Italy

Survival guide to opening your garden

How garden owners who open several days a week survive is a mystery, says Roy Strong who is looking forward to the end of the garden visiting season. And yet…

Planting to Beat the Hosepipe Bans

The hosepipe ban has affected different gardeners in different ways; Mark Griffiths shares his tips for how to make the most of limited amounts of water in this hot weather.