Weddings are expensive businesses – particularly those set, Four Weddings and a Funeral style – somewhere in the depths of the British countryside. Here are a few Country Life tips on how to find the perfect present for the couple.

1.    Stay on the list if possible. This often means buying a boring plate from Peter Jones or a saucepan from The Wedding Shop but there is a reason as to why this lists are put together: to avoid receiving 48 vases, as one friend recently said
2.    So as not to miss the most interesting presents, set a reminder in your diary for when the list goes live (for John Lewis Gift List this is generally just two months before the date of the wedding)
3.    Remember that the bride and groom have the option to top-up the list if their friends’ generosity have resulted in it being fulfilled before time so don’t despair if it looks empty by the time you reach it.
4.    If you are going off-piste, a safe bet is to head straight to the reference books section of your local bookshop (or Amazon). A helpful tip: The Book People sell Times World Atlases for £15 online as opposed to their RRP of £75.
5.    Don’t ignore the gift voucher option offered by the online wedding list site. Brides are very grateful for these in order to complete sets of plates, glasses, cutlery.
6.    Remember that even if you are travelling great distances, it’s still polite to buy the couple a present. How much you spend is not important.