Book Review: Giotto

From wide-angle photographic reconstructions of the whole chapel to intense details, more than 400 pages in this book are devoted to superb colour photographs of Giotto's successfully conserved work.

The Tweed Revolution

Arabella Youens meets Gustav Temple, who calls for a return to tweed in protest against today's 'indifferent and inelegant' society.

Book Review: Galloper Jack

The author had plenty of fascinating material to draw on from this colourful figure who was at once a daring soldier, bold politician and interpid adventurer.

Book Review: Historic Gardens of Dorset

An engaging, refreshing diverse guide to the gardens of Dorset, including recently-made gardens like Sticky Wicket with down-to-earth, insightful observations on the gardens' place in both horticulture and history.

Book Review: Darwin and the Barnacle

This book explains why Origin of the Species was eight years late and manages the record feat of making a small salt-water mollusc as darkly mysterious as Moriarty.

The Pleasures of Antiquity

Jonathan Scott's erudite account of the re-migration of sculpture collections from America to Britain is packed with information on the antiquities trade. It also brings to life the flawed obsessions…

Book Review: God’s Funeral

God's Funeral brings to life the intellectual battles between scientists and prelates of the 19th century and explains what went wrong with the Victorians when it came to perhaps the…