If you found your new home through Country Life, the team filming the BBC2 Country Life documentary would like to hear from you.

The team filming a three part series featuring Country Life magazine, for broadcast on BBC2 this autumn, are looking for a family who are moving from London to the country. If you found your new home through Country Life (print or online) then we would like to hear from you.

The series is being produced and directed by Jane Treays, a leading documentary maker who also made the hugely successful Inside Claridge’s series. As part of the series, the filming will capture the experience of owning a house in the country and living the rural dream that many people aspire to.

Filming would involve two short filmed sequences – one in your London home and one in your new country house.

The team are hoping to talk to anyone interested in being involved but there is absolutely no obligation for anyone to take part. Please note, we are only interested in those who found their new countryside home through Country Life.

For further information, please contact Natalie Walter at Spun Gold: Natalie.walter@spungoldtv.com