How to make dandelion wine

At this time of the year the fields and hedgerows are full of the beautiful golden flowers of the dandelion. In our gardens we battle against these intruders from the wild, so why not turn them into something to be enjoyed in the winter; a little reminder of the summer.

Dandelion wine

1.5 litres flowers  
64 fluid ounces water
700grams. sugar
Rind and pulp of 1 lemons and 1/2 orange
5 grams yeast
250 grams raisins

1. Gather fresh flowers, picking off their stalks and place them in a large bowl
2. Bring the water to the boil and pour over the dandelions
3. Cover the bowl with butter-muslin and leave for three days, stirring each day
4.  After the third day, add the rinds only, of the lemon and orange
5.  Pour the mixture into a pan and boil for one hour and pour back into the bowl, adding the pulp of the lemon and orange
6.  Cover and allow to cool. Then add the yeast
7.  Let it remain covered for three days
8    Strain the liquid into bottles, leaving a space at the top
9.  Divide the raisins equally between the bottles
10. Do not cork tightly until fermentation ceases

This wine if made in June is great for a Christmas party.