12 spectacular photographs from the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition

These stunning highlights from the 11th annual International Garden Photographer of the Year competition will be on display at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew for a month from early February.

From February 9th to March 10th this year, the most beautiful series of photographs will be on display in the Nash Conservatory at Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens. For the 11th year running, talented photographers have submitted their gorgeous shots to this prestigious competition, which has never failed to delight and inspire those lucky enough to see the results. 

No distinction is drawn between amateur and professional photographers and the competition is incredibly easy to enter (submissions for the 12th year of the competition will open next month at www.igpoty.com) making for a wonderful collection celebrating the wonders of our natural world.

The winner of the competition will be announced in February at the launch of the event, however these twelve images are Country Life’s favourites from three of the eleven categories: Beautiful Gardens, Breathing Spaces and Beauty of Plants.


'Sunrise at Dale Farm' by Annie Green-Armytage (#164597)

‘Sunrise at Dale Farm’ by Annie Green.

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'Filigree Sea' by Ulrike Adam (#157101)

‘Filigree Sea’ by Ulrike Adam.


Folly Farm (November 2016)

‘The Wind Garden’ by Jason Ingram.


'Sunrise over the Sinn River' by Daniele Dugre (#165075)

‘Sunrise over the Sinn River’ by Daniele Dugre.


The Ancient

A male Welwitschia plant (Welwitschia mirabilis) beneath the Milky Way near Swakopmund, Namibia. Endemic to Namibia and Angola, they’re among the most ancient organisms on the planet: some individuals might be more than 2000 years old. Entitled ‘The Ancient’ by Jen Guyton.


'Misty Blue Morning' by Adam Burton

‘Misty Blue Morning’ by Adam Burton.


'Through Icy Glass' by Carol Casselden (#159369)

‘Through Icy Glass’ by Carol Casselden.


Trentham Gardens - The Italian Garden on a January Morning

The Italian Garden at Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire, frosted on a freezing January morning. It was designed by Tom Stuart-Smith. Entitled ‘Trentham Gardens’ by Joe Wainwright.


Myanmar temples Bagan sunrise

‘A View to Take Your Breath Away’ by Stephen Studd.


'Through the Mist' by Justin Minns (#162554)

‘Through the Mist’ by Justin Minns.


The International Garden Photographer of the year competition will open at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Richmond, from February 9th to March 10th 2019.  For more information, visit www.igpoty.com

The competition closes on the 31st of October every year, with winners announced in February. To view past winners, visit www.igpoty.com/igpoty-competition-11.

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