Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day is a tradition of love and affection but do you know what the flowers you are sending really mean?

The trees of Highgrove House

Country Life visits Highgrove House, where the royal passion for trees is obvious from 1,000 years of planting and pruning

Gardening tips this week

Prune blackberries, tips on sterilising the soil and hoeing weeds are all task that should be tackled in gardens come November.

Gardening tips this week

Before lighting your bonfire, remember the hedgehog who thinks that the pile of brushwood is his ideal hibernation spot, warns Philip Maddison

How to lay a hedge

The National Hedge Laying Society explains how to create and lay your own hedge

Gardening tips for this week

Now is the time to sow autumn crops, prepare fruit trees and store dahlias says our weekly guide of gardening tips