Beautiful bathrooms: How to design your lighting, draw the eye and make the most of your space

Bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the house - interior designer Joanna Wood shares her top tips and tricks on how to make yours truly special.

Plan carefully

The smaller the space, the more you need to pre-plan and think carefully about how you use the room. Remember the details, such as a magnification mirror with a built-in light, a shaver socket and somewhere to charge the electric toothbrushes, which should preferably be hidden away in a cabinet or vanity unit.

Storage matters

Make use of any spare nook or cranny for storage: shelves, drawers under basins, full-length built-in cabinets—even if they’re only 6in deep, they’re useful for loo rolls and lotions and potions.

Joanna wood bathroom design

Wider, shallower wall cabinets tend to be more practical than narrow, deep designs, because it’s quicker to find what you want.

Pullout drawers in vanity units also make life easier, because you can look in at the top to find what you need, without having to crouch down to search the back of a cupboard for the red nail varnish.

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Layer the light

Do make sure you have lighting at different levels to help create different moods. Mix ceiling lights, which could include inset lights or a gorgeous chandelier hanging over the bath, with eye-level wall lights.

Take care to ensure you have adequate —and preferably flattering—light around the mirror. Low-level lights can be used to highlight a vanity unit or marble wall panel and create a relaxed, soft mood in the evenings.

Joanna wood bathroom design

Light at night

Always include a sensor to automatically illuminate the room with gentle light when you wander into the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Rugs rather than carpets

Don’t lay carpet in a bathroom—instead, choose a hard floor and lay a rug over the top if you want something luxurious and soft underfoot

Make an elegant focal point

If possible, don’t have the loo facing the door. Much better to catch the eye with a pretty vanity unit or make a focal point of a freestanding bath in front of a spectacular marble panel.

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