Four beautiful kitchen islands which push the boundaries of what can be done

The enduring popularity of kitchen islands says a lot about their looks and practicality — and designers are always finding new twists. Giles Kime pics out some which have caught his eye.

The rise and rise of the kitchen island has been nothing short of remarkable — no new design, it seems, is complete without one. Popular culture has caught up to the point where having an island is not so much kitchen furniture as a lifestyle accessory:

But interior design always has an element of an arms race to it, and thus it’s no surprise to see people out there pushing the barriers of what is possible with kitchen islands.

Here are three examples which have caught our eye:

Shapely curves

Kitchen Island by MWF

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This New England painted island, featuring sweeping curves is by Mark Wilkinson Furniture. Another of Mark Wilkinson’s designs is shown at the top of the page, ideal for a smaller kitchen.
From £35,000 —

Shining example

Smallbone of Devizes kitchen island

A highly polished plinth lends this Original Hand Painted island from Smallbone of Devizes a light, ethereal feel.
Kitchen prices start at £70,000 —

Return to Victorian

Guild Anderson kitchen island

This handsome prep island takes its inspiration from a Victorian cook’s table, as reimagined for the 21st century by Guild Anderson Furniture Makers.
Kitchens from about £30,000 —