The Utterly Inessential Red Shopping List: No-holds barred options for Valentine’s Day — or anyone who just really likes red

There comes a time, usually in mid-January, when you decide that your home needs more colour. Here are some options to brighten your interiors and your day.

It’s not even close to February and Valentine’s Day (a day which, as regular readers may remember, I hold very dear to my heart) and we’re already being inundated with red things which we, ostensibly, must purchase now. So, here are some of them. You’re welcome.

Are there too many mirrors in the world already?

This past weekend at the Sue Ryder sale I mentioned in last week’s list, I bought a very pretty, heart-shaped wall mirror. It was £5. It’s now hanging in my bedroom and matches the mirror I inherited from my sister four years ago.

This mirror costs more than £5 — a fair bit more. But on the plus side, it’s bigger (1 metre across) and it probably comes with a guarantee. In case it stops reflecting, or something.

Flora wall mirror, large, £1,100, Balineum,

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We all need a plum tree motif in our lives

‘I’ll just get them the vase,’ she says, as the wedding gift registry loads on her computer screen. The page pops up. She buys the butter dish.

Red baluster porcelain vase, £1,500, Nicholas Haslam,

I’m sure it’s more comfortable than it looks

I mean, Valentine’s Day is stupid, right? Why can’t we just celebrate love quietly every day and not throw it straight down the throats of those who were dumped mere weeks before (not this year, so far, but it happens) like straws down the throats of baby turtles? This is also your weekly reminder to please, please try to limit your plastic consumption this year. We only have one planet and we’re long past the time when Britain could just throw the things it didn’t want into Australia. Here’s a small wicker linen cushion.

Red wicker linen small square cushion,£95, Fermoie,

Mental note: Put in an equipment request

jamb chair red

I really, truly like Jamb and I have nothing bad to say about this chair. It looks really comfortable and I like that it has wheels. I’d like it to be my new desk chair. Please.

Except, maybe, that if I bought a £5,760 chair, I’d want it to come with fabric. But that’s just personal preference, and I’m known to be quite picky. I don’t even eat mushrooms.

Millicent chair in remy-red, £5,760, plus fabric, Jamb,

The different kind of console


It really is quite gorgeous, isn’t it?

Tiered Newport console in Bolero, £5,608, Nina Campbell,

Perfect for curling up under on Valentine’s Day

Johnstons of Elgin

Probably by yourself, probably with ice cream. I’m not here to judge.

Reversible raspberry and red coral merino throw, was £295, now £195, Johnstons of Elgin,

You’re welcome. No, seriously. So very welcome.