Capel and Tudeley, Kent: The unassuming village churches with concealed masterpieces within

Annunciata Elwes continues her look at Secret Britain's best spots with the surprising artworks at the churches of Capel and Tudeley in Kent.

In 1868, an extraordinary discovery was made at the Church of St Thomas Becket — an entire wall of didactic 13th-century paintings lurking beneath thick plaster.

There are clear scenes, such as Jesus entering Jerusalem, His arrest, the Last Supper, the Risen Christ with Mary Magdalene and Cain slaying Abel.

The latter might have reminded pilgrims en route to Canterbury of the terrible fate of the church’s named saint.

Sadly, those pilgrims would have been a few hundred years too early to see Chagall’s 12 dazzling stained-glass windows at All Saints, Tudeley, less than two miles west.

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All Saints Church with the Chagall stained glass windows in Tudeley; Kent.

Installed between 1967 and 1985 (the year the Russian-French artist died), they are unique; the only other Chagall-designed glass in Britain is a single window in Chichester Cathedral.

Marc Chagall’a stained glass window, All Saints’ Tudeley Church, Kent.

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