The dogs of lockdown: How our four-legged friends are surviving (and thriving)

It's a difficult time for all of us, and looking on the brighter side of things is the best way to keep on going. Luckily, the dogs are doing that for us.

Let’s face it. Out of all of this, the dogs have won.

Their humans are confined to their homes with little to do except work, play and take them for walkies. It’s any dog’s dream come true. Those of us with dogs are also getting the best of it – many have said that their furry friends are making up for the lack of co-worker interactions. Of course, if you’ve been following the Country Life Instagram stories, you’ll know that most of our co-workers are, in fact, dogs (if you missed them, you can meet our pets in our story highlights on our profile).

If you don’t have a pet of your own to keep you company in this difficult time, or even if you do, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog posts on social media over the last week or so. We hope they bring a little light to your weekend.

1. How to balance your lockdown commitments

2. Is that 2 metres apart..?

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9. The benefits of isolation baking

10. A big thank you to the charities pushing on in this hard time

We’ve put together some advice for caring for you pets in this difficult time. Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. Our thoughts are with you and your families.