The Art of Glass: How Marston & Langinger have transformed the conservatory as we know it

Nick Bashford tells Giles Kime how Marston & Langinger has succeeded in transforming the possibilities of glass architecture.

How does Marston & Langinger have such a deep understanding of aluminium technology?

We are fortunate enough to have a unique opportunity to combine our long experience in building beautiful, classic conservatories and garden rooms with Alitex’s deep understanding of the structural use of aluminium gained during the half a century it has spent making award winning greenhouses, conservatories, rooflights and atriums that are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

What are the exciting possibilities that aluminium creates?

Without a doubt, aluminium is the perfect ingredient in the construction of glass buildings; as well as requiring little maintenance (other than washing), it also has the benefit of being both strong and also extremely light. It’s a brilliant combination that provides an opportunity to create elegant, extremely robust, structures that make the most of all the available light. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable, so the environmental benefits are enormous.

Marston & Langinger Conservatory

And what are the possibilities of bespoke aluminium?

Design is deep within Marston & Langinger’s DNA; not only does our production process ensure that a garden room functions perfectly, it also allows us to create structures that complement the architectural style of the house they are added to. We achieve this by combining our long experience in glass architecture and aluminium with the possibilities of computer aided design. This allows us to construct a virtual model and to plan every last detail, from the appearance of the structure to its capacity to meet wind and snow loading regulations.

What are the choices of colour?

The possibilities of our maintenance-free finishes are almost infinite. As well as a vast palette of colours, Marston & Langinger’s customers can also choose from metallic and textured finishes. In addition, there’s an opportunity to have different internal and external colours, in addition to bespoke colours that match existing paintwork.

How does the care and maintenance of an aluminium conservatory compare to other types of conservatory?

Aluminium requires no maintenance, isn’t prone to warping and will maintain its weather integrity over the entire course of its lifetime.

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