Cassandra Goad’s nature inspired jewellery in time for Chelsea Flower Show

Jewellery is so often inspired by nature and jewellery designer Cassandra Goad has long been fascinated by fruit, seeds, pods and flora. Always influenced by her exotic travels to different cultures, she creates intricate designs which hark back to the shapes of nature through her beautiful jewels.

Nature has the patterns and shapes that so often speak to a wearer, a tactile link to the earth and growing things, a sign of birth, life and renewal.

As we see the RHS Chelsea Flower Show move to autumn, the jeweller has created a Moroccan inspired window display which is worth a visit alone.

Hessian sacks and baskets full of dates are arranged alongside swaying palm trees to create a magical scene reminiscent of the ‘Green Gold’ market of Morocco from which she has gleaned much inspiration for her newest Maroc collection. Spot her jewellery nestled amongst it, and perhaps pop in to try something on.

Here we look at some of Cassandra Goad’s exquisite designs which nod to the power of nature. From her Indian collection to her latest Maroc collection, her travels have ignited original and exotic pieces of jewellery. 


Pomegranate pendant in 18 carat yellow gold with pavé-set diamonds.

Pomegranates are a staple of exotic Arabic dishes, and the native word for the fruit is ‘ruumaan’ which is a persian word meaning ‘to illuminate’. Jewellery illuminates both body and soul, and Cassandra’s sensational pomegranate pendant is inspired by the Fruit of Paradise, a symbol of abundance and promising fertility, beauty and eternal life. As beautiful inside as out, this pendant opens to reveal juicy red ruby sparkles inside, just like the fruit itself. 

Beautifully designed Pomegranate gold earring drops by Cassandra Goad

Cassandra’s new pomegranate design celebrates the generous shape of the fruit, and these little pomegranate earrings are perfect for everyday wear, with different hoop options available, a lovely present for someone special.

Ever inspired by the history and culture of different countries, Cassandra looked to India for the inspiration behind her intricately designed Brinjal Indian marriage pendant. These marriage necklaces traditionally incorporate nuts, seeds and spices in the design, and Cassandra has used the coriander pod here—revered for its medicinal properties in India, also seen as a symbol of protection. A beautiful and thoughtful necklace to be worn everyday, this pendant is talismanic and features a cabochon blue topaz stone, or ask her to make a bespoke version with a stone of your choice.

The pendant can sit on varying length chains, but it looks particularly striking as worn here, on a long Beaumarchais Figaro chain


Brinjal Indian Marriage Charm

Chocolate is nature’s treat, and the Cocoa Pod locket is one of Cassandra’s most popular designs inspired by her journey to Mexico. The pendant has a charming kinetic nature as it opens to reveal its inner value—the beans, or as Cassandra has imagined them in some versions of the pendant—gemstones!


Cocoa pod gold locket pendant opening to reveal diamonds and emeralds inside.

Hans Sloane (Of Sloane Square and Sloane Street fame—where Cassandra Goad’s shop sits pretty) was the first to bring back cocoa to England in the 1600s. What better way to celebrate the historical Chelsea figure than at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show, sporting a beautiful cocoa pendant

For more information and to see and try on the jewellery, Cassandra Goad is delighted to welcome you to her shop on Sloane Street to see the Chelsea Flower Show display and browse the nature inspired collections