Discover the Austrian fine jewellery brand which seeks inspiration from some of the world’s most celebrated artists

Perfect for those with a love of art and culture and an appreciation for beautiful, artistic jewellery, FREYWILLE offers unique, carefully curated pieces that you can wear forever.

FREYWILLE was born out of a love of art and culture. Founded in 1951 by Viennese artist Michaela Frey, and run by Dr. Friedrich Wille after her death in 1980, the Austrian jewellery brand creates beautifully depictive enamel designs. Many of the modern, artistically-intricate jewellery creations that you see today are born from Simone Gruenberger-Wille’s designs.

Pendant Gloria, £3,328; Ring Luna Piccolissima, £3,075, 18kt gold and diamonds from

All the pieces continue to be handcrafted in Vienna, where they have been since 1951, by highly skilled craftsmen. The process involves the demanding craftsmanship of fire enamelling which produces lifelong, colourful designs that you can wear and treasure forever.

The method of fire enamelling involves using a layer of melted, coloured glass (often in powdered form), that when exposed to high temperatures, fuses to the surface of the metal and produces a colourful, glass-effect in the desired pattern.

Bordered Bangle Donna, £1,130, 24kt gold plated from 

Inspired by some of the world’s greatest artists such as Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, FREYWILLE was founded from a passion for art that has been translated into unique jewellery. It claims to be the only company worldwide to make fine jewellery inspired by fine decorative art.

The unique collections allow wearers to strengthen their personal style, whilst also paying homage to art and culture which has shaped the world we live in. It is this passion for art which is the driving force behind the brand.

Ring Victoria, £3,426; Desiree Earrings, £2,895, 18kt gold and diamonds from

Their latest collection pays homage to Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ (mid-1480s). The romantic collection includes necklaces, watches, earrings, rings and bracelets, all inspired by the Italian painting which depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth.

Luna Piccolissima Clip Earrings, £5,758, 18kt gold and diamonds from

In the enamel designs, pink floral elements float near a gold-gilded scallop shell, and fluid, gold-hued swirls convey the idea of movement, reminiscent of the painting, as the wind god Zephyrus is surrounded by floating pink flowers, and Venus’s long auburn hair blows in the wind as a result.

Stand-out pieces from the collection include the Bordered Bangle Donna, made from 24kt gold-plated and fire enamel and the Luna Piccolissima Clip Earrings in 18kt solid gold with brilliant diamonds.

Earrings Aurora, £2,856; Ring Luna Piccolissima, £3,075, 18kt gold and diamonds from

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