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The 10 most expensive streets in London — and how much you’d need to spend to live on them

Ten streets in London blow the rankings for luxury property, with median prices all well above £10 million (and some above £20 million).

Despite the rise in the number of Londoners looking to move to the countryside, the capital remains a global property hotspot that records dizzying prices. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the handful of roads that have topped the charts for London’s most expensive homes.

The palm goes to Upper Phillimore Gardens, in Kensington, round the corner from Holland Park, where the median sold price for the past 12 months is a staggering £28 million, according to research by mortgage broker Enness Global Mortgages. It pipped to the post the stuccoed houses of The Boltons, in South Kensington, (where previous residents included singer Madonna and actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr), which ‘only’ reached £22.5 million.

The Boltons, Kensington

Mayfair, once the leading lady of London’s property market, makes an appearance in third place, with Grosvenor Square — one of the capital’s most sought-after addresses ever since it was developed in the early 18th century — where the median price is £18.6 million, and, in fifth place, Upper Grosvenor Street (£17.5 million).

Knightsbridge is the interloper between the Mayfair duo, taking fourth spot with Brompton Road at £17.8 million.

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The rest of the list also sees Belgravia’s Lygon Place in sixth place (£15.9 million), with two addresses in the new, swanky development at the former Chelsea Barracks in seventh and tenth place (Mulberry Square, £15 million, and Whistler Square, £13.8 million).

The two remaining spots go once again to roads in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with South Kensington’s The Little Boltons (£14.1 million) in eighth and, in ninth, a Knightsbridge street that actually falls under the Kensington and Chelsea umbrella (Egerton Crescent, £13.9 million).

The Royal Borough clearly emerges as London’s property powerhouse, nabbing four and a half out of the top ten addresses (Brompton Road only falls partly into Kensington and Chelsea, with the rest in the City of Westminster).

road sign of Upper Phillimore Gardens

Upper Phillimore Gardens tops the list of London’s most expensive addresses.

‘With so much being made about the exodus of the average London homeowner for greener pastures, you could be forgiven for thinking that the London real estate market must have shut up shop over the last year,’ says Islay Robinson of Enness Global Mortgages.

‘Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth and, in fact, the prime London market has seen quite a large degree of activity, all things considered.’

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Coleherne Court, The Little Boltons, £1.395 million

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Coleherne Court flat
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Egerton Crescent, £15.9 million

A Grade II-listed, seven-bedroom house with private garden.
Egerton Crescent terrace house
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Whistler Square £8.25 million

A large, three-bedroom duplex finished to exceptional standards
Whistler Square flat
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