10 majestic pictures of the beautiful nature of Britain, in honour of World Wildlife Day

March 3 is World Wildlife Day, so to mark the occasion we're celebrating the stunning flora and fauna of Britain.

World Wildlife Day was established in 2013 by the United Nations, a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.

The official website hosts all manner of films and information for those keen to find out more, and this year the focus across the globe is forests. Yet for all that, the genesis of the idea is the same for all:

A barn owl (Tyto alba) perched on tree stump among bluebells in Norfolk. Credit: Getty

A harvest mouse, just a couple of inches long, with the tail the same again, and weighing about the same as a couple of sugar cubes. Credit: Alamy

The wildflowers growing on the dramatic cliffs of the Pembrokeshire coast path near Whitesands Bay, St Davids. Credit: Getty

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A hedgehog amongst autumn leaves and Fly Agaric. Credit: Getty

A New Forest pony. Credit: Getty

Atlantic puffin in flight in the Shetland Islands

Close up of an Atlantic puffin in flight in a coastal area of the Shetland Islands. Credit: Getty

Roe deer in a Scottish forest

Roe deer standing in a Scottish forest. Credit: Getty

Red squirrel among the heather

A red squirrel munches a nut among the heather in Scotland. Credit: Getty

Juvenile common seal swimming

A juvenile common seal is swimming off the Scottish coastline. Credit: Getty

A heron in flight viewed from the side.

A heron flies in the County Down sky, Northern Ireland. Credit: Getty