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Top ten London suburbs

There is intense demand for houses in the suburbs outside London, and properties in some of the most highly-regarded areas can be worth millions, says a new report.

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Savills research shows that city suburbs are the most popular of all locations amongst householders, appealing to ‘super suburbs’. The growing appeal of suburbs is put down to good quality neighbourhoods, access to good schools, the safety of the environment and proximity to amenities: classic traits of the suburban belt.

And suburbs are certainly no longer just the preserve of middle management, as was once the preception. In fact, says the study, high ranking executives now account for around half of all buyers in suburbs, as demand for these houses pushes prices further up. 46% of buyers there are now employed in investment, finance and business services, implying that City money is being invested into these areas, says the research. International buyers also show great interest in the super suburbs.

The most popular areas are Surrey and Hertfordshire. Travelling times to London are almost as quick as from Richmond or Twickenham, and the countryside is on your doorstep which means these counties have long waiting lists for would-be buyers.

Lucian Cook, director at Savills research commented: ‘Although Prime London is readily associated with the central areas including Kensington, Knightsbridge and Belgravia and the inner south west suburbs of Richmond and Fulham, the desirability of suburban life and the post war encroachment of suburbia, has resulted in the emergence of the super-suburb.’

Search for prime property for sale in the south east

Top ten suburbs around London

1. Oxshott, Surrey

2. Woldingham, Surrey

3. Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire

4. Loudwater, Hertfordshire

5. Radlett, Hertfordshire

6. Pratt’s Bottom, Kent

7. Totteridge, Hertfordshire

8. St George’s Hill, Surrey

9. Esher, Surrey

10. Kingswood, Surrey