The Monaco Yacht Show: the ultimate floating show on Earth

The Monaco Yacht Show, which runs from September 26-29 this year, is quite simply the place to go to see the world's greatest superyachts up close. Here's what you can expect if you visit.

Monaco is one of the great wonders of the world. This tiny principality extends across only three-quarters of a square mile of land – that’s just a smidgeon more than Regent’s Park.  Yet it punches above its weight in an extraordinary manner.

It has the world’s most expensive property; streets full of boutiques and restaurants that are as fine as any in the world; the ultimate stylish casino; and even one of the planet’s great sporting events, the annual Monaco Grand Prix through the streets.

Against that backdrop it’s only natural that the Monaco Yacht Show should be the finest in the world. The show was founded in 1991 by Maurice Cohen, and over the years has grown and honed its focus to become the undisputed best place to see the world’s greatest superyachts.

This year, 120 incredible superyachts and megayachts will be harboured in the beautiful Port Hercules at the very centre of Monaco. Each one is an individually-designed one-off, demonstrating the state of the art in boatbuilding. And 40 of those craft will be new launches, for this is the place where new superyachts are almost always revealed to the world for the first time.

©Monaco Yacht Show

While it’s the owners who ultimately decide whether or not to show their yachts, the show’s organisers pride themselves on working throughout the year to make sure that the floating palaces on display are the finest possible. “The Monaco Yacht Show has a worldwide reputation for the exceptional quality of the collection of superyachts on display,” says Gaëlle Tallarida, General Manager of the Show. With many of the visitors to the show in the market to buy or charter a superyacht, the show’s ethos is of making every conceivable effort to make sure that only the best make the cut.

Even among the yachts which aren’t new launches, the majority – 60 of the 80 – are less than a couple of years old, ensuring that what you’ll see is a current snapshot of what is possible in the uniquely luxurious world of the superyacht. “The Monaco Yacht Show has a duty to offer these visitors the best possible experience, with the supreme quality of the yachts on display as one of the leading criteria,” Tallarida adds. The show also goes to great lengths to make it easy to see all the yachts: the layout of vessels around the harbour is carefully planned, and a combination of electric buggies, motor launches and even buses can take you from one side of Port Hercules to the other.

Every conceivable style of superyacht is represented, from elegant and traditional sailing yachts to sleek and ultra-modern creations of lengths topping 90m. Among the former will be the majestic Mikhail Vorontsov, a 65m beauty that is the largest all-wood classic schooner currently afloat; while the latter include the striking black-and-white Dar, a 90m yacht launched this year. You can see a full list of the yachts currently confirmed for the show at the official Monaco Yacht Show website.

©Monaco Yacht Show

The superyachts themselves are only part of the attraction, however. There’s also a zone for the exhibitors who can design and supply everything from fine upholstery and Jacuzzis to insurance and helidecks. Then there’s the Car Deck, which features showcasing the greatest supercars; and there will even be an art exhibition for all those with tickets to the show.

Beyond any list of features, however, is the other great draw of this wonderful event: the chance to meet and mingle on deck, by the quayside and in the various lounges with like-minded people who live – and love – the superyacht lifestyle.

The Monaco Yacht Show runs from 26-29 September. Find out more and buy tickets from