Silestone’s Le Chic collection: A 21st century classic

Smart, sustainable and highly resilient, Silestone’s new Le Chic offers the best of new and old.

It might have a timeless appeal but the story of Silestone is one of constant evolution. Its new HybriQ+® technology represents a new chapter in its history with surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms that combine classic good looks with qualities that are the result of an innovative manufacturing process that uses 20% recycled glass, 99% water from other production processes and 100% electricity from renewable sources.

Premium minerals, specifically selected with the final design in mind achieve unseen effects, hues and finishes, while maintaining the hardness and performance from quartz.

Silestone HybriQ+® surfaces boast stain, heat and scratch resistant properties – making them more resilient, durable and able to cope with the pressures of daily wear and tear on multiple applications. As a hybrid mineral material, surfaces can be transformed into any colour or shape, including curved features and seamlessly integrated sinks. As such, it is the perfect material for creating a statement contemporary kitchen or bathroom.

Introducing Le Chic

Le Chic is a collection that redefines the elegance and sophistication of veined patterns for the home. Taking inspiration from Victorian and Parisian spaces, with a nod to nostalgia with a modern execution, Le Chic can be used in all areas of the house. The new manufacturing process represents advancement in Cosentino’s surface manufacturing, as the detailed veining requires an all-new technique of design.

Le Chic’s Romantic Ash

The intricate, interlocking veins are made possible by the brand’s new moulding system, giving life to particles and minerals to give an incredible new texture. The range features a range of six beautiful colours and designs with intricate veins and metallic accents that stand out against neutral backdrops like cream or deep blues and blacks.

Parisian Blue

Taking inspiration from the French Capital. This colourway boasts a deep bluish tone with strong personality and powerful character. Inspired by the shades seen in famous Imperial Roman stones, combined with fine veins in ochre tones.

Eclectic Pearl

One of the best examples of the core design idea behind Le Chic. Classic and modern, it features flowing streams of delicate tones encrusted with grains like diamonds on jewellery. Eclectic Pearl hypnotises with delicate veining, texture, and metallic accents across the whole surface.

Versailles Ivory

The warmest tone of the collection. Very subtle two-toned marbling in the background with gradient effects mesmerise with the flickering lights of its golden sparkle. Versailles Ivory exudes luxury and elegance, reminiscent of the exuberance of the Palace of Versailles.

Versailles Ivory

Victorian Silver

Soft and subtle two-toned marbling in the background, with gradient effects and depth. The cool background tone blends with its silver and dark gray veins to create an elegant color that fits seamlessly with warm and cold tones.

Bohemian Flame

This colour presents subtle sinuous veins with metallic inlays in copper shades. The movement of the golden flows of lava that generate scars on volcanic soil inspires it. It’s reminiscent of the calmly moving golden flame of candles accentuating tiny metallic pieces.

Bohemian Flame

Romantic Ash

Another example of Le Chic’s visual excellence. Large rivers and incrustations of grains in various sizes awaken memories of a milky way visible on a clear starry sky. The accent of blue strengthens the depth of Romantic Ash.

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