The call of the wild, from gliding past hippos on a mokoro to riding alongside cheetahs and giraffes

Whether following migrating wildebeest on foot, gliding past hippos on a mokoro, or riding alongside giraffes, little beats the thrill of an Aardvark safari.

There can be few better ways to get under the skin of Africa than to feel the earth beneath the soles of your shoes. Whether striding out to track rhino in Laikipia, following the migrating wildebeest with Maasai herdsmen in northern Tanzania, or tiptoeing through bamboo forest to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda, walking safaris guide you along at Nature’s pace. Not only do you take in the vast skies and epic wildlife — you also get to appreciate the smaller details and the sounds and smells of the environment.

For an even more serene encounter, how about gliding past hippos from a bobbing mokoro in the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta, or paddling along the shoreline of Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools, where herds of elephant gather at the banks of the Zambezi River?

Spotting a bee-eater. Credit: Kathy Richardson

You will spot numerous species of birds, fish, frogs and darting dragonflies, plus moving along the water’s current can feel deeply meditative. And for those that want to speed up, rather than slow down, the thrills of galloping on horseback alongside a journey of giraffes and charging across wide open plains as far as the eye can see are hard to match.

Riding is a uniquely special way to traverse the sandy desert of Namibia or the escarpments and veldts in South Africa. Every moment in the saddle is laser focused, feeling the wilderness right there at your fingertips. Aardvark Safaris is the standard-bearer for making these experiences happen.

Getting close to a big cat on horseback is a completely different experience to seeing one from a 4×4. Credit: Offbeat Safaris

The company’s trips are all about exploring and adventuring, about close-contact, real Africa. And they are completely and utterly tailored for you.

The Aardvark Safaris team has a level of deeply ingrained knowledge and on-the-ground expertise that really sets it apart. With almost 25 years of honing bespoke, memory-making holidays packed with elevating extra elements, they deliver safaris with new perspectives — getting you even closer to the wilds of Nature.

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Tailor-made for you, Aardvark Safaris take in both big sights and small details. Credit: Volcanoes Safaris

Picture credits: Chongwe Camp; Kathy Richardson; Offbeat Safaris; Volcanoes Safaris