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A Scottish island for sale with seals, seven houses, a lighthouse and its own pub

Plans for world domination? Hiding from the in-laws? Fancy watching some puffins? You can do it all on Sanda Island near the Mull of Kintyre.

Exciting times here at Country Life as, once again, the opportunity has arisen to buy a Scottish Island. Would you like to buy an island? I would like to buy an island. I don’t have the money, nor do I really know what I would do with an island, but such is the human condition that I am convinced — convinced —  I need one.

Sanda Island: 453 acres of Scottish wilderness. Even comes with a beach.

The island in question is called Sanda Island and it is off the Mull of Kintyre (not to be confused with the song by Wings, of course). It is for sale with Knight Frank for the (in my opinion, very reasonable, because it is an entire island) sum of £2.5 million or more. 

One of the other islands included in the sale (I’m assuming Sheep Island).

And the good news just keeps on coming. Because included in the sale of Sanda Island, are in fact two further islands: Sheep Island and Glunimore Island. In total, the operation is about 453 acres in total, which is plenty of space to start your plans for world domination and killing James Bond, beginning a cult, or whatever else a private island is used for.

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Look at that double glazing. Perfect for keeping the wind out, and the screams of mangled MI6 agents in.

You might be thinking: ‘Yes a wonderful idea to have one’s own island, but is there somewhere to sleep?’ The good news is that there isn’t one place to sleep, but rather seven. On the northern tip are four residential properties, with three more on the southern tip, next to the lighthouse — the last thing you need is an oil tanker or nuclear submarine bashing into your house while you sleep. Accommodation wise, your island, should you choose to buy it, can sleep 26 people in its current state.

Your very own pub, an absolute necessity of course. Tennents only.

They aren’t shacks either, as the current owners have refurbished the majority of the houses and installed double glazing, new showers and underfloor heating. They aren’t necessarily of the highest standards when it comes to interior design, but they are functional. There is also a tavern on the island, so you won’t have to worry about not having a pub to go to, although of course you would be serving yourself. But it’s the idea that counts.

Cute seals, as promised. Are they talking about you? Probably.

Of course the main reason (beyond the whole supervillain lair/James Bond thing) that you would buy an island such as this one is to get involved in nature. On the island itself, there are some deer and 55 black-faced sheep. On the wilder side of things, you can expect to see puffins, storm petrels, razorbills, manx shearwater, kittiwake, gulls and, of course, cute fat seals.

The lighthouse on the southern end of the island. I don’t know who runs these things these days, but I think they’re automated?

If, after reading this, you are inspired to purchase this island, I make only one request: please invite me over for a visit.

Sanda Island is for sale for offers in excess of £2.5 million with Knight Frank. More information and pictures can be found here

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