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Ptolemy Dean exhorts us to look beneath the layers and celebrate diversity in colour choices in exterior woodwork

Two new developments have more claim than most to the description ‘divine’

It’s not just racing drivers and film starts who move to Monaco. Tessa Reading meets some of the new breed of residents attracted by the quality of life.

Nationwide’s report on the housing market for November has found very little change in prices, in the context of what it terms ‘a benign economic environment.’

The latest survey by Hometrack suggests that the seasonal dip in sales has failed to take place so far, although prices have remained unchanged in November

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Soft Landing Confirmed

With house prices and volume of sales on the increase, market adjustment is largely over, report the ODPM and Rightmove.

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The National Trust is set to go ahead with plans to amalgamate Beatrix Potter's Farm with three others.

The long awaited announcement of the ‘go live’ date for Home Information Packs has been announced by the ODPM