Carla Carlisle's red sock phase was thrown into confusion following Sir Christopher Meyer's confessional. Although devouring his book taught her much about Mr Blair, she has decided to give red…

Many people looking for a second home abroad consider ease of transit and security of great importance. Those who love the drama of the Alps as well could do worse…

Inheritance Tax Hits Farmhouses

Working farmhouses passing from one generation to the next will no longer enjoy an exemption from inheritance tax

A new photographic exhibition due to tour the country this year is dedicated to conveying the diversity, but also the fragility, of the coastline of the British Isles

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Carla Carlisle reflects on the friendship between Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt as she buys a DigiBox to ensure her weekly West Wing fix

November saw rising house prices and a new wave of buyer confidence, according to RICS, who expect this trend to continue into the New Year

No Man’s Land fort in the Solent proves a man’s home can be his castle

Architect and broadcaster Ptolemy Dean pipes up in favour of traditional, cast-iron downpipes

As her car fails on the motorway Carla Carlisle sees it as both a blessing and a warning, to stop and be calm, and to be more prepared.

Whilst farmers struggle to make a profit, farmland value is increasing, according to Savills

Sandy's house renovation is going well, apart from the neverending ranks the mice send forth in an attempt to conquer the kitchen, and, of course, the chimney

This idyllic Staffordshire country house with gardens by Thomas Mawson is on the market for only the third time in its history