Bucket list inspiration: A trip to the bottom of the ocean to see RMS Titanic while sipping a 1907 Heidsieck Gout Champagne

Cookson Adventures pride themselves on exploring what others deem impossible to explore. Their latest offering is no different; a voyage to the bottom of the ocean to explore the wreck of the world's most famous ship.

Most of us spend our lives, whether we actively intend to or not, attempting to avoid the depths of the ocean. This is a sensible modus operandi which the prudent among us follow; after all, the bottom of the ocean is dark, cold and incredibly hostile.

However, there are those (and for this, they cannot be blamed) who wonder at its wonders and long to explore where no man, or rather, very few men in a five-person submersible craft, has gone before. And the ears of those would-be underwater adventurers will no doubt prick up at this: a trip to take part in an historic dive to survey the wreckage of the Titanic.

The trip is the brainchild of Henry Cookson, a record-breaking explorer who guided Prince Harry and a team from Walking with the Wounded to the geographical South Pole, through his company Cookson Adventures. Joining up with OceanGate, the famous manned-submersible operator, the guests who book on this excursion will join the Titanic Survey Expedition in July.

It’s a six week research expedition with the aim of documenting the historic site of the Titanic wreck before the body of the ship is lost to deterioration at the bottom of the ocean.

Titanic's rusted bow

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Sitting at almost 4,000m below sea level and only reachable by a craft which must withstand pressures of 6,5000lb per square inch, it’s no wonder that the Titanic site has retained its air of mystery. Cookson Adventures hopes to dispel this mystery, at least for the nine lucky citizen explorers who will participate in the expedition as mission specialists, an expedition which will be one of the first manned dives in over a decade.

Those who book on the adventure will assist the crew with dive planning, learn sonar operation and be taught subsea navigation over the ten days. They will sail to the wreck overnight.

The expedition will end with a 10-course meal that replicates the one that would have been enjoyed by the famous vessel’s first-class passengers, including bottles of 1907 Heidsieck Gout Champagne. Prices are ‘on application’, but let’s just say that the costs will be rather more 1st class fare than steerage…

Price on application. Visit www.cooksonadventures.com for more information.