Planting to Beat the Hosepipe Bans

The hosepipe ban has affected different gardeners in different ways; Mark Griffiths shares his tips for how to make the most of limited amounts of water in this hot weather.

Gardening in Midsummer

The contrast between purple and scarlet in an area known as the Bishop's Garden reminds Mary-Anne Robb of ancient stained glass windows in churches.

Growing olive trees in Provence

The olive tree is a Mediterranean staple, but Louisa Jones wonders from the vantage point of her home in Provence whether so much single-species planting is wise.

Splendours of Irish sibirica

When iris's Siberian eyes are smiling, it is even more of a pleasure to spend time in the garden, finds David Wheeler.

‘Furnishing’ the garden

A garden is an outdoor room, says Roddy as he considers how his has been furnished while he prepares to sell his house

Cultivating Christmas Cheer

The month of December in the walled garden of Swinton Park brings Jerusalem artichokes, brussels sprouts, forced rhubarb and Christmas decorations.

A bountiful season of asparagus

The first asparagus of the year are a delicious arrival in the garden, and the warmer weather means it is time to start planting out in earnest