‘Furnishing’ the garden

A garden is an outdoor room, says Roddy as he considers how his has been furnished while he prepares to sell his house

Cultivating Christmas Cheer

The month of December in the walled garden of Swinton Park brings Jerusalem artichokes, brussels sprouts, forced rhubarb and Christmas decorations.

A bountiful season of asparagus

The first asparagus of the year are a delicious arrival in the garden, and the warmer weather means it is time to start planting out in earnest

Solutions for Town Gardens

Anthony du Gard Pasley explains how to overcome the most common problems found in town gardens: poverty of light, bad soil and lack of space

Pruning Weeping Trees

January is the time to be ruthless and remove the odd elbowing from weeping trees

Pruning Roses

Kathryn Bradley-Hole encourages gardeners not to be shy of cutting their bush roses quite fiercely, for a hard prune at this time of year will encourage strong growth.

St Swithin’s Day

A surfeit of rain has even gardeners in East Anglia wondering when things will dry up.