Tips on investing in Art

The market is still booming and there's never been a better time to buy as Clive Aslet discovers in talking to three collectors

Guide to Warrington Museum

One of Britain's earliest municipal museums in Warrington is a veritable unreconstructed Victorian wonder house

Interview: Mark Jones

Jeremy Musson talks to Mark Jones who has been director of the V&A Museum for the past six years and is a champion of art and design

James McNeill Whistler

Matthew Dennison expolres the career of Whistler at a new exhibition of his etchings at the Fine Art Society

Tate exhibition: Millais

With a new exhibition of John Everett Millais at Tate Britain, Roger Bowdler argues that he was a deeper and more complex artist than he has been given credit for

Golden age of couture

A new exhibition a the V&A celebrates the 'New Look' created by leading London and Paris couturiers in the 1940s and 1950s

Victorian Artists in Photographs

Matthew Dennison enjoys tantalising glimpses of the world of G. F. Watts in an exhibition of photographs at the Watts Gallery in Compton, Surrey

Interview: Lord Carrington

Eluned Price talks to the longest-serving member of the House of Lords, was Secretary-General of NATO and Christie's International

Tania Still’s hound paintings

Iain Gale is delighted by Tania Still's large canvases of hounds, which are currently the subject of a selling exhibition in Edinburgh

Exhibition: Japanese Treasures

Simon Poë visits a fascinating exhibition that focuses on the cross-fertilisation of Japanese and Western artistic traditions in the later 19th and earlier 20th centuries

France in Russia

Huon Mallalieu previews a selection of art works collected by the Empress Josephine for her château of Malmaison, and considers her role as a collector and patron