Scotland has some of the most romantic scenery in the country, and is consistently one of the most popular locations for people in the south east considering a move. Whether it’s a farmhouse in the Scottish Borders, an amazing Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh, or a cottage on the stunning west coast, Scotland has a brilliantly varied selection of property for sale.

Prices are lower than England – you can buy a castle for the price of a semi-detached three bedroom home in Surrey – and the quality of life is extremely good. Some of the most romantic castles for sale in Scotland are found in The Highlands; but so much property for sale in Scotland is historic, and set in scenic locations that the chances are you’ll be spoilt for choice if you go to view period property for sale north of the border.

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City Living: Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a lot to offer, from Georgian houses and flats to excellent schools and a thriving gastronomic scene.

House by the sea in scotland promo

Build a modern Scottish Palazzo

An outstanding opportunity to build a one-of-a-kind modern country house on a private promontory on the east coast of Scotland, on a uniquely historic site with links to the Second…