Despite widespread fears, the Government 'has no intention of curtailing either shooting or angling'.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England is campaigning to limit the mass house building in the South East, which the Government is proposing.

Terrier work is the latest victim of a series of amendments to the Hunting Bill, which saw rural affairs minister Alun Michael voting against his own Bill, as country sports…

The seabird haven of St Kilda off the Western Isles of Scotland is bidding to expand its World Heritage status to recognise the cultural importance of the islanders who once…

Contrary to popular belief, bricklaying requires sophisticated skills. Good craftsmen use bespoke materials to repair old brickwork to traditional standards.

Arts Minister Baroness Blackstone has promised to end the long-running controversy surrounding the Stonehenge bypass, by funding a œ183m road tunnel under the stones

Plans by Scottish National Heritage to begin a controlled reintroduction of beavers into Scotland appear to be stalling, due to concern over its industrious building habits.

Where is the best place to live in Britain? It must be best for beauty, best for community, best for local produce and best for affordability. Here are the results…

Beatrice Gray takes a tour of the French Drawings and Paintings from the Hermitage: Poussin to Picasso which takes place until March 3, 2002 at Somerset House

Jeremy looks at an important roomin one of the most attractive houses in the south of England.