Goldman Sachs has joined the growing number of voices predicting a fall in house prices though others still think differently.

The seemingly unstoppable rise of house price inflation has finally come to a halt, according to new figures released by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

House prices in the west of Scotland are rising faster than at almost any time in the last four years, says a Scottish agent.

The number of second homes is set to rise exponentially despite Government disincentives, predicts a new report.

Jeremy Musson enjoys the adventures of two young optimists who, in trying to renovate Gwydir Castle, succeed in locating a ghost, skeletons, and a secret carved room, and also -…

A development of 14 apartments and penthouses in Poole in Dorset are opening their doors over Easter to let prospective buyers get a feel for the place.

One property website has upgraded its forecasts for property price inflation this month, as the Halifax puts the value of UK property at £3 trillion.

Pam Lewis applauds Christopher Lloyd's latest book about creative gardening with grass: specifically, meadows.

John Prescott has reconfirmed his intention of building hundreds of thousands of new homes in the south east in an interview over the weekend.

Parents who set up trusts for their homes to avoid inheritance tax but continue to live in them rent-free will have to pay income tax, Gordon Brown announced yesterday.

Britain badly needs more housing, a reform of planning laws and a new land tax says a Treasury-commissioned report.

Prices in England and Wales are sticking to their upward trend and Sheffield is one to watch, according to a property website.

The market for second homes is booming, particularly in accessible affordable rural areas according to new research.