The tastiest pork pie

Pork pies, Bray’s Cottage (for stockist and price information, visit


One of Norfolk’s best-kept secrets. Its crisp pastry and gamey flavour (that’ll be the cured bacon) are perfectly judged, and the Country Life testers loved the hint of apple.

Large pork pie, £3.25, Dickinson & Morris (

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Excellent pastry that’s robust enough for a picnic, but the filling’s flavour is rather bland and underwhelming.

Supreme champion pork pie, £3.29, Walter Smith (

We cooed over this much-feted pie’s biscuity crust, and although some of us felt the generous filling was a touch over-seasoned, you certainly get your money’s worth

Rare breed pork pie with onion marmalade, £16.50 for a parcel of six, Samphire (

Another natty little Norfolk number that was wolfed by our testers. We adored the Gloucester Old Spot filling and the touch of sweetness lent by the onion marmalade.

Small champion pork pie, £5.50 for five, Wilsons (

We had such high hopes for this one, with its gorgeously glossy pastry dome. Unfortunately, the cured-pork filling and thick layer of jelly didn’t do it for us. Disappointing.