Country Life’s best gardening tips of 2018: Wisteria, Christmas trees and getting rid of box moth caterpillars

Our panel of experts includes, among others, writer and broadcaster Alan Titchmarsh and Charles Quest-Ritson, author of the RHS Encyclopedia of Roses. Here are their most popular gardening tips of the year.

How to get rid of box moth caterpillars


The box moth, Cydalima perspectalis, and its caterpillars quickly destroy box plants. Here’s how to combat these pests.

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When will your fruit be ready to pick? A complete guide to fruit in the gardens of Britain


From apples to strawberries, here’s when the fruits in your garden will be ready to pick.

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Alan Titchmarsh: A foolproof guide to growing wisteria


Results aren’t guaranteed, exactly, but Alan Titchmarsh’s guide makes them very, very likely.

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Growing your own Christmas tree: Alan Titchmarsh on what to plant and where to plant it


Why buy your Christmas tree when you can grow your own and enjoy these handsome, statuesque trees all year round?

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The delicious salad leaves to try in your garden that keep on giving with ‘cut and grow’


Pulling up entire salad plants seems like madness once you’ve moved on to ‘cut and grow again’ as Mark Diacono explained.

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Curious Questions: Why do leaves change colour in Autumn? And why do some go yellow while others are red, purple or brown?


Nature has few rites of passage more impressive than autumn colour. Mark Griffiths explains how it happens.

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Alan Titchmarsh: ‘Why on earth haven’t I done this before? There’s an extra spring in my garden’s step’


A visit to Sissinghurst showed Alan Titchmarsh some tricks he’s been missing for years – here’s what he learned.

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Japanese knotweed: How a delicate bloom beloved of the Victorians became a modern British scourge


Mark Griffiths explained how Japanese knotweed took hold in Britain thanks to Victorian gardeners with the best intentions – and tackled the question of how to get rid of it.

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Six common garden problems, solved by our experts


At the start of the year we asked our experts for advice on common conundrums – here’s what they came up with.

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Ultimate guide to growing roses: What to plant, where to plant it, and why you really don’t need to prune


Roses are among the easiest of plants to grow and perhaps the most rewarding – and all the more so when you have the brilliant Charles Quest-Ritson as your guide.

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Tapeley Park: A Devonshire garden filled with dramatic flourishes at every turn

Non Morris discovers that experimentation, environmentalism and numerous dramatic flourishes invigorate this unusual Devonshire garden at every turn.