A 19th-century bathroom in an 18th century home that works perfectly for a 21st century family

Jamb’s co-founders have created a timeless bathroom in their 18th-century London home. They showed it to Amelia Thorpe.

Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle, the husband-and-wife owners of fireplace, lighting and furniture specialists Jamb, had a clear plan for restoring their Georgian home in south London. It was to be ‘on the cusp of grubby’, as Will says, by which he means they’ve resisted the temptation to polish reclaimed floorboards or spruce up cracked surfaces. ‘As an old mentor said, “you want everything to look as if it’s grown roots”.’

The family bathroom on the first floor, once a bedroom, is true to the plan. The 19th-century ceramic bath and antique basin console from The Water Monopoly (www.thewatermonopoly.com) carry the marks of history.

The antique bathtub of Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle

The couple uncovered the fireplace and added an 18th-century marble fire surround, chosen for its ‘sedate, not ostentatious’ design, as the room’s focal point, paired with an English grate of the same period.

The antique pieces are teamed with new items: the over-scale pillar bath taps and telephone-handset shower are from Drummonds (www.drummonds-uk.com), the loo with high-level cistern is from The Water Monopoly and the Art Deco dish light is from Jamb.

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Walls and window shutters are painted in Tarlatan from Paint & Paper Library (www.paintandpaperlibrary.com), chosen for its depth and warmth, and the Carrara marble splashback co-ordinates with the fireplace.

Will says the way to avoid pastiche is to select the right ingredients and combine them with care. ‘I wanted the room to feel considered, but not contrived, and there’s a fine line between the two.’

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