The Utterly Inessential Royal Baby Shopping List: A pram fit for Balmoral, marine-issue wellington boots and the phenomenon of the baby sleeping bag

Let's face it, when it comes to our little ones, we are all inclined to go a little bit overboard.

If  yesterday’s news and the sheer number of baby showers I’ve attended this month have anything to say about it, it’s baby season. To mark the joyous birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, we’ve collected together some of the wonderful (and, in some cases, actually useful) things you could buy for your little darling.

Stand to attention

Baby Flac - Rain boots for toddlers in marine new (pair)

Before going to visit Meghan’s home town of California, the young royal will doubtless trudge down some muddy English paths. And what better way to do that than in a pair of the nation’s favourite wellington boots? With the Captain General Royal Marines for a father, it’s no question what colour the potential Earl will be sporting come winter.

Baby Flac Rain Boots in Marine New, £30,

The cutest, most practical thing I’ve ever seen, ever

CUDDLEDRY_grey stars hands free towel 4

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Not all of us (unfortunately) have the ability to wear one outfit once then cast it aside. To keep your clothes dry and your perfect darling safe, the cuddledry is the ultimate hands-free towel for a safer (and cuter) bath time. I would almost go as far as to call this essential for making a new parent’s life just a little bit more simple. It’s incredibly soft.

The cuddledry, £29.99,

A gift for the new mother (after all, she did all the work)

Echo Gold 'M' Initial Necklace with Echo Mini Gold 'A' Pendant

A beautiful way of marking a baby’s birth, this initial pendant necklace set is personal and, quite frankly, gorgeous. Meghan Markle herself has been known to favour Emily Mortimer, sporting a pair of her earrings whilst on tour in Australia. In gold, rose gold and silver, this beautiful keepsake is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Echo Gold Initial Necklace, £95 by Emily Mortimer Jewellery, with Echo mini gold pendant in gold for £55,

Never lose a shoe on the tube again


Just because Harry didn’t have a little princess, doesn’t mean that you won’t! Perfect for parents used to losing shoes (and socks) on outings, Moccis will stay on your young one’s feet (and keep them warm in the colder months) all day.

Daddy’s Princess Moccis from £27,

For your cosy camper

I’ve heard many a new mother swear by these at this year’s season of baby showers, especially if your little one likes to kick out of their covers. They stop babies getting too hot or too cold and being warm and cosy encourages them to go back to sleep if they wake up unexpectedly in the night. meaning more sleep for the parents.

Bamboo Muslin Sleeping Bags from £17.99,

Balmoral Baby

Balmoral - £1,800 - Silver Cross - (2)

Try though you might, you wont find a more appropriate pram for your royal pain-in-the-sleep pattern. The definition of luxury infant portation devices, the Balmoral comes in a plethora of colours, but I think the classic white-and-blue will do nicely.

Balmoral Pram from Silver Cross in white and navy for £1,800,

If you’ve purchased our entire shopping list today you would have spent £2,054.98 and congratulations to the new parents in your life, whether they be your friends or your lovely selves!

HRH the Duke and Duchess of Sussex show off baby Archie in photoshoot at Windsor Castle

HRH Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex proudly showed off their baby boy to the world on Wednesday.