What I grow in my garden, by Country Life's gardens editor Tiffany Daneff

Tiffany Daneff talks about her life, her career as a gardening writer, and what she plants in her own space at home.

Country Life’s Gardens Editor Tiffany Daneff is one of Britain’s foremost gardening journalists, having worked at titles including The English Garden and The Daily Telegraph, where she launched the gardening supplement.

But while she’s spent years writing about other people’s gardens, this time she talks about her own outside spaces in this very special episode of the Country Life Podcast. From the people who influenced her love of plants and gardening in her formative years to the friends and colleagues who she now relies on to help her create her own perfect garden, she tells host James Fisher all about this great passion of her life.

You can read Tiffany’s writing about gardens on the website at countrylife.co.uk/gardens, where you’ll also find tips and advice from Alan Titchmarsh, Mark Diacono and many other wonderful plantsmen and women.

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Episode credits

Host: James Fisher

Guest: Tiffany Daneff

Producer and Editor: Toby Keel

Music: JuliusH on Pixabay

Special Thanks: Adam Wilbourn