An easy way to find your own piece of our green and pleasant land, be it a small plot or a great estate

The era of digital has taken much of the pain out of finding a house but searching for a plot of land or a country estate has remained more elusive. A new service called Addland has solved this.

Every acre tells a story: as owners, we become part of that story. Watching the mist rise over a water meadow on a spring morning; or riding along a dusty bridleway that’s been in use for centuries; or simply gazing from an upstairs window to the steeple of the local Norman church — these moments in time enrich your everyday life, and create a legacy for those who follow.

Living like this means reading the story of the land, understanding its many layers, revealing its charm and features so you can live the life you’ve always wanted. Like a hidden entrance to a secret, ivy-decked walled garden, a country estate or rural property has so much to offer, and Addland is the only place where you can understand every aspect at once.

Until recently there was no easy way to find your own piece of our green and pleasant land, be it a small plot or a great estate. A new service called Addland has launched with just that aim in mind.

A platform that makes land simple

Addland is a dedicated platform to help people to find, research, buy or sell land. If you want to uncover the true nature of any estate or grounds, it can reveal everything you need through their simple web-based tools. Already home to the country’s leading rural estate and land agents, who use Addland to showcase their properties in your target area, like this one shown in Tenterden.

The company says their aim is to ‘Bring Land To Life, making it visible and accessible to all’. Their research tools show you the rights of way and natural features that punctuate your land, the ancient woodlands and distinct ecologies it supports and borders; the watercourses, listed buildings and protected lands that surround it and build its character.

Through easy search functions Addland lets anyone unlock the potential of land. ‘It’s the only place where you can buy and sell land with the technical details at your fingertips — and become part of their story’.

Why find land through Addland?

Today, the company is fast becoming the single destination for land, and the only place you need to look to find your perfect estate or country home. Addland showcases properties in an easy-to-use online platform that offers simple map-based tools to locate the right plot quickly and easily, and a menu of map layers that offer instant data — from plot sizes and planning history to flood zones and public rights of way.

They have built up a solid foundation of agents, landowners and land seekers to date, and joining Addland will give you access to a community of buyers and sellers at every level, as well as the tools to appraise any plot for its true value and potential uses. So, whether you’re searching for a country estate, a new shoot or a stretch of river with fishing rights, you’ll find it on Addland.

How Addland are making land easy

  • Find specific types of land
  • Save your favourite plots
  • View photos and detailed maps
  • Research all land considerations
  • Check your own land prior to sale
  • Divide land into multiple plots
  • Access all agents in one place

Bringing Land to Life

‘If you’re seeking a new country estate or shoot, or just a plot to begin building, you’ll find it fast and easy on Addland’ the company say.

It certainly seems that is the case. Addland lets you find the properties and estates that fit your needs in seconds, offering you the facts and data that make this momentous decision easy to take.

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