Bespoken for: How Huntsman’s personal service creates beautiful suits, and relationships that last generations

Once you experience bespoke tailoring, it’s hard to turn back — and Huntsman is just the place.

Savile Row is the place to visit, with thousands of modish gents making the pilgrimage to experience having the finest wools measured up for them and their every whim attended to. Huntsman sits suavely at number 11 and the stalwart is celebrating 100 years on the row with a new offering — Bespoke 100, set to bring personal tailoring into the modern day, and making it more affordable at that.

Bespoke 100 offers a fully comprehensive tailoring experience at the same price as a regular, made-to-measure suit you might find elsewhere. With a delivery time of just six to eight weeks, it’s 30% quicker than the Bespoke 1849 service, making it perfect for the time-poor chap or those who have left it rather last minute. The shooting season is well underway, but for those straining at the seams or covering worn-out patches, in little to no time you could be fitted and decked out in the most exquisite tweed ensembles, to take you elegantly into the field and beyond in time for Christmas.

Clients are measured and fitted at Huntsman HQ — it’s the experience and service that makes bespoke so special. The company prides itself on excellent tailor-client relations — friendships, even — which can last a lifetime, then be passed to the next generation.


The company has selected the finest international ateliers (each trained by ‘star tailor’ Dennis Cooper 20 years ago) to hand-craft each garment, with the finishing, pressing and final fitting all taking place back on Savile Row.

With two fittings for the basted suit (the hallmark of bespoke clothing, where the suit is temporarily fitted together with white basting thread), this will be the first time you get to try on the suit, a magical experience if it’s your first and one that you will surely never forget.


Available in a variety of different cloths, clients have the freedom to choose their own lining. The hard-wear factor of the fabrics are paramount to the company’s sustainability ethos — these suits must last a lifetime and longer. Imagine standing taller and prouder in something you know has been crafted especially for you by one of the very finest tailors in the world.

Prices for Bespoke 100 start from £3,500 (Bespoke 1849 POA), available by appointment in London at 11, Savile Row, W57th Street New York, US, and at international trunk shows.

For further information, visit or telephone 020–7734 7441


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