Celebrate His Majesty’s Coronation in style with the new Royal Collection by Elizabeth Gage

In honour of the crowning of the new monarch, Elizabeth Gage has created a timeless fine jewellery Royal Collection, with one-of-a-kind talismans you can treasure forever.

If you’re looking for an extra special way to celebrate the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III — one that transcends street parties, afternoon tea and waving flags — then cast your eyes over Elizabeth Gage’s new Royal Collection.

Her latest offering of fine jewellery takes the form of bold rings, necklaces, pins and earrings, made in either 18ct or 22ct gold, with colourful stones and jewels that are representative of those found in Royal collections.

Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Tapered Templar Ring, £18,720; The Helios Bracelet, £21, 720; Aquamarine Valois Earrings, £12,000, from www.elizabeth-gage.com

Ocean blue Sapphires, luscious green Tourmalines, bright Amethysts, romantic pink Rubellite and timeless Diamonds are just some of the treasured gems in her handcrafted jewellery, chosen not only for their value, but their depth of colour, shape and overall appeal.

This, combined with her use of delicate wire work and gold beading, repoussé and the ancient goldsmith technique of granulation make her one-of-a-kind designs instantly recognisable.

As a result, over her 60-year jewellery career, Elizabeth Gage has become synonymous with exquisite British craftsmanship.


Tourmaline and Rhodolite Garnet Templar Band Ring, £9,000, from www.elizabeth-gage.com 

Her unique style showcases unapologetically bold designs to empower women and reinforce their sense of individuality. The decorative talismans are made to be worn daily like a second skin — not just for special occasions —  to serve as an extension and celebration of each woman’s own style.

Her collection of iconic Templar rings are each as unique as the next, striking in style and shape. In many, a wire twist edge frames either edge of the prominent ring, with a feature gem at its centre, around which are intricate designs, often representing foliage or leaves.

The Zodiac collection will no doubt appeal to those that are guided by the moon and the stars. A selection of the zodiac motifs, whether it be diamond-encrusted fish to represent Pisces, or a gold-encrusted Ram, to represent Aries, are featured on thick gold bands or on signet rings in white or red gold.

Amethyst Cabochon Ring, £8,100; Sapphire and Ruby Agincourt Band Ring, £14,400; Purple Jasper Necklace with Alexander the Great Pendant, £30,000; Gold and Black Enamel Earrings, £13,200, from www.elizaebeth-gage.com 

The unparalleled craftmanship and distinctive designs transcend time and can be passed down through generations as treasured heirlooms.

As a result, Elizabeth Gage is today recognised as one of the world’s most influential jewellery designers, having received an MBE for her unwavering commitment to jewellery as well as the Queen’s Award for Export and the De Beers Diamond Award for her Agincourt Ring. A selection of her pieces are also displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of their permanent jewellery collection.



Coronation Pin, from www.elizabeth-gage.com 

The new Royal Collection encapsulates the spirit of His Majesty’s Coronation, and includes statement rings, such as the Tourmaline and Rhodolite Garnet Templar Band Ring and bold necklaces, like the Purple Jasper Necklace with Alexander the Great Pendant.

Elizabeth has also designed a special piece for His Majesty’s Coronation in the form of an 18ct yellow gold, one-of-a-kind pin that will be revealed over the Coronation weekend.

The Coronation Pin takes the shape of a crown, featuring five diamond-set tips, to represent five symbols: royalty, power, immortality, glory and sovereignty.

The auspicious deep red spinel on the pin was chosen for its symbolic connotations with devotion and longevity, and also references the ‘Ruby Spinel’ in the Imperial State Crown.

Left to right: Rubellite Ottoman Ring, £31,200; Blue Cats Eye Tourmaline Heliotrope Ring, £22,000; Green Tourmaline Charlemagne Ring, £12,000, from www.elizabeth-gage.com

Discover more online via the website www.elizabeth-gage.com or in the London showroom, located at 5 West Halkin Street, London, SW1X 8JA.