Craghoppers NosiLife: Round-the-clock protection for intrepid travellers

Fabric technology that keeps us safe from biting insects, at home and overseas.

It’s that time of year again: the sun is shining, the days are long and the breathtaking Scottish scenery is beckoning. Whether you’re fishing, camping, or simply enjoying a walk in the Highlands, the scourge of the Scottish summer lies in wait – the dreaded midge.

There are around 35 species of midge in Scotland, and although only 5 of these will bite humans, this native wee beastie can turn any intrepid traveller into a quivering, itching wreck. It’s by no means a recent phenomenon either; after going on a picnicking trip in Sutherland in 1872 Queen Victoria wrote in her diary that she was half devoured by midges.

For those that holiday further afield, being besieged by mosquitoes is a valid concern. Whether you’re cruising along Kerala’s backwaters on a traditional rice barge or tracking lions in Kenya, mosquitoes will be the bane of anyone who steps outside during the hours around dusk and dawn. Today, there are over 500,000 cases of malaria and over 90 million cases of dengue fever per year and currently, there is no vaccine to protect against zika. So what can be done to combat these buzzing biters?

Global outdoor and adventure travel specialist Craghoppers has developed the world’s first and only permanent insect-repelling clothing range. Drawing on years of research and a passion for travel, NosiLife fabric technology is designed to help keep us safe from biting insects, from Skye to Cape Agulhas.

With a range for men, women and children, Craghoppers NosiLife provides the whole family with round-the-clock protection from mosquitoes and gives short shrift to home-grown midges, as well as warding off the sun and helping you to stay cool even when humidity is high.

The active ingredient in the Craghoppers NosiLife garments is a type of Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid used in some insect repellents. This active ingredient in the NosiLife clothing range give a proven 90% drop in mosquito bites and feeding, and its anti-bacterial effect combats odour.

Permanently woven into the fabric, the insect repelling treatment is guaranteed for the lifetime of the garment. Also easy to wash, with no maintenance or treatment required, the NosiLife range provides a long lasting, durable and dependent clothing solution for any adventure.

So while a refreshing gin and tonic may still be one of the most enjoyable ways to finish off an energetic day outdoors, it’s not going to fight malaria in the same way it did back in the Raj. The ideal is still to enjoy the countryside but without the need to carry a backpack full of sprays and lotions. And with Craghoppers’ new NosiLife clothing range, the solution may be here at last.

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