FREYWILLE: Works of art

Famous paintings by some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen are the inspiration behind exquisite new collections created by jeweller FREYWILLE.

Since ancient times, jewellery and art have been intertwined in the creation of exceptional pieces. The intricate enamel designs of Viennese jeweller FREYWILLE are no exception to this. Admired by both collectors and art experts, the brand’s creations are inspired by many iconic themes from art history.

From its beginnings in Vienna in 1951, art has been the foundation upon which FREYWILLE was built. Started by artist Michaela Frey, a graduate of the city’s Academy of Applied Arts, Dr Friedrich Wille has been running the company since 1980, while Simone Gruenberger-Wille created and developed the modern jewellery, designs and shapes that set FREYWILLE apart. Dr Wille’s passion for art and artists and his insatiable curiosity about the world shine through in his leadership, under which the company devotes its work to everyone who appreciates fine art.

Inspired by art: Hommage à Vincent van Gogh Éternité earrings, £6,351, take their cue from the artist’s The Starry Night.

FREYWILLE’s creations start as homages to famous artists, but are works of art in their own right. ‘We are always making new works of art,’ Dr Wille says. ‘We don’t copy, we only use the artist’s work as inspiration.’ The starting point for every Hommage collection is academic, an in-depth study of the artist’s life and works. ‘This helps our artists to get ideas in their head,’ he explains. ‘Then they sketch and make works of art themselves.’

One of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, The Starry Night, shows the view from his room just before sunrise. In their interpretation of the painting, the FREY WILLE artists incorporated unmistakable elements such as the detailed brush strokes into the Éternité design from the Hommage à Vincent Van Gogh collection. Similarly, in the tribute to Claude Monet, the FREYWILLE artists looked to convey the emotions that Monet must have felt when working in his garden in Giverny, intensifying them in shining enamel.

Hommage à Vincent van Gogh Éternité ring, £4,686, bracelet, £1,422, and earrings, £4,263.

The production of these pieces is meticulous, with a total of 80 distinct processes involved in bringing the enamel creations to life. The vibrant colours and 24kt yellow or white gold dust are painstakingly layered by hand, and then fused at 800 ̊C. Subsequent on-glaze firings are conducted to ensure that the jewellery is durable for everyday wear while also maintaining its vivid colours. The most sophisticated range, FREYWILLE’s fine jewellery line, boasts the sparkling addition of 18kt gold and diamonds.

FREYWILLE’s latest line, Royal Pavilion, pays tribute to textile designer, poet, artist, writer and socialist activist William Morris.

Royal Pavilion, the latest FREYWILLE collection, pays tribute to designer William Morris.

Drawing inspiration from The Forest, one of the most exceptional collaborative tapestries ever made, the company is excited to introduce a new timeless jewellery col- lection that perfectly captures Morris’s deep admiration for the natural world. The collection is available exclusively in FREYWILLE’s charming Piccadilly boutique, where, alongside the William Morris collection, visitors can appreciate a variety of FREY WILLE’s fine enamelled jewellery and artistic creations.

FREYWILLE Piccadilly can be found at 168, Piccadilly, London W1J 9EQ. For more information, please telephone 020–7734 0981 or visit