Hunter have a highly-technical collection of wellies that are designed to brave even the wildest countryside conditions

Perennial British favourites Hunter have extended their Field range with an array of highly-technical boots, crafted to tackle the typical trials and tribulations boot owners face every day — they'll be showcasing the extended fits and sizes to the public at The Game Fair this July at Hatfield House.

Could there be anything more traditional of Britain than a walk through the countryside in a pair of Hunter wellies?

The answer is, of course, not on your nelly.

Hunter boots

A cultural icon, the Original Tall Hunter boot has spent 60 years protecting British feet from the elements encountered daily throughout our fine country, trudging through everything from acres upon acres of farmland right up to the most modern of festivals and flower shows.

Hunter Field Brandmark

They’ve now expanded their Hunter Field range to include more inclusive wide-fit sizing, as well as a host of highly-technical additions for those who look for a little extra from their trusty walking companions.

The Balmoral wide fit from the Hunter Field collection.

The Balmoral wide-fit from the Hunter Field collection.

To stop those who often buy a size up from losing a boot or two to an unfortunate patch of mud, the Field range helpfully includes wide-fit boots. The Balmoral wide-fit has a sturdy-looking Newflex Vibram outsole, while the Norris wide-fit comes in flashy colours, perfect for either clambering over tent strings or allowing a search party to easily spot one after an adventure across the countryside with an out-of-date Ordnance Survey map goes pear-shaped.

Hatfield house and gardens located in the county of Hertfordshire, England.

Hatfield House and gardens located in the county of Hertfordshire, England, the hosts of the 2019 Game Fair.

First introduced in 1987, the Balmoral is as enduring and dear to the heart of its wearers as its stony Scottish namesake. They’ve now been redesigned to include Hunter’s highly technical Vibram sole and mud-releasing commando cleats, putting an end to the traditional spray of dried dirt after a week in the shoe cupboard. The boots helpfully come with two different insoles, one for cold and tired feet and another, thicker option for really cold and tired feet.

Hunter boots

A welcome surprise addition to the range is the Men’s Balmoral Full Zip Wellington, putting an end to the painful ritual of pulling a muddy boot off a swollen foot with (relatively) clean hands. With shock absorption and the Balmoral’s two choices of comfort insoles, it’s a must-have for those outdoorsmen who need a highly technical boot to keep up with their busy day-to-day lives.

If your daily dose of nature lies closer to home than the rolling countryside, Hunter haven’t forgotten you. By adapting the Norris design they’ve developed a hardy Chelsea boot, as well-designed and technical as any of the gardens on display this past May. And for those who make those gardens, nothing could provide more comfort and protection than Hunter Field’s Gardening Clog.

The Balmoral Combat Boot in black from the Hunter Field collection.

The Balmoral Combat Boot in black from the Hunter Field collection.

That being said, if any product from the range proves that Hunter has taken a step in the modern direction while maintaining its traditional roots, it’s the Balmoral Combat boot. A handsome, supportive shoe, it combines the comfort of your old wellies with the capabilities of your best hiking boots.

Designed to resist abrasion on rough and challenging ground, this is one for the professional farmers among our number – or for those who just take their daily dog walks very seriously.

Crowds of country enthusiasts attended The Game Fair last year.

Crowds of country enthusiasts attended The Game Fair last year.

The beloved Game Fair will shortly see the return of Hunter to its stalls after a four-year hiatus. Hosted at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, this annual gathering of countryside enthusiasts will set the scene for Hunter’s highly-technical, expansive range.

Hunter’s return to the Game Fair, along with their dynamic National Trust collaboration, marks three British country institutions coming together in support of a countryside that needs its farmers, walkers, gardeners and explorers now more than ever.

So pull on your Hunters and pop along to the Hunter Field stand at the Game Fair (number 640-643). You’ll explore their new range and experience the construction and craftsmanship of the Original Tall boot first-hand in a 28-part immersive display, fill up at the Hunter refreshment truck and receive an exclusive 20% one-day discount. You may even win the chance to take a pair of Hunters home.

You know, to add to the collection.

Visit Hunter at The Game Fair from 26th-28th July (stand number 640-643), shop the full collection at or visit their Regent Street flagship store to find out which Field boot is the best fit for you.