Jewellery for years to come

Cassandra Goad's striking jewellery is the perfect present to mark a wedding anniversary.

Whether you’ve been married a year or 60, anniversaries are a lovely time to remember why you are together and a gentle reminder to cherish your husband or wife — something you undoubtedly you do all year round, of course.

There are traditional anniversary presents that are fun to stick to and although these can sometimes helpful, sometimes confusing, jewellery is often the answer and Cassandra Goad has something for everyone. I defy any woman not to feel very treasured indeed on opening one of Cassandra’s lovely little boxes.

1st anniversary – Paper 

Use this one loosely and choose anything from Cassandra Goad’s collection and enjoy the beautiful wrapping of her paper covered boxes,  tissue paper and bags. 

4th anniversary – Flora and Fauna

When you hit year four, why not remember a lovely old British tradition, which is to celebrate flora and fauna. Cassandra is ever-inspired by nature and has some gorgeous floral designs like her Klover pendant, Viola earrings or Acai collection.

Klover pendant in yellow gold


Viola earrings with peridot, amethyst, iolite, citrine, blue topaz and a diamond centre

12th anniversary – Silk

When you get to 12 years, celebrations are to be had. We think that creativity when it comes to presents is very impressive, so why not choose something like Cassandra’s Uxmal design, inspired by silk-like ruffles seen on her travels in Mexico to the Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal.

Uxmal gold ring with diamonds

30th anniversary – Pearl

Hooray for 30 years and celebrating with some beautiful and lustrous pearls, which suit all skin types and ages, bringing a face to life. Cassandra loves to use pearls in her designs, from freshwater ones to unique baroque pearls and extraordinarily coloured Tahitian pearls. Take the Star Anise Tahitian pearl bracelet or Emilia necklace with its freshwater pearls and diamond spacers, or, for him, the Button Mother of pearl cufflinks 

Star anise Tahitian pearl bracelet

40th anniversary – Ruby

It makes sense that the stone dedicated to 40 years of marriage is one of love and passion—the ruby. Cassandra knows how to work with coloured stones and has recently come across some incredible deep-red rubies. Get in touch directly for bespoke commissions or call 020 7730 2202.

Cassandra has many beautiful ruby designs among her jewellery collections, including the Rosario Gagliardi ruby yellow-gold ring featured at the top of the page. This Multi Aeneus ring is the perfect cocktail ring and the ruby earrings below are as lovely for everyday as evening.

Riviere double ruby earrings


This Multi Aeneus ruby ring is the perfect party piece

50th anniversary – Gold

When going for gold, there are hundreds of options for simple or knock-out pieces on Cassandra’s website but for something really different, go bespoke.

Here is just one wonderful example of what’s possible: a gold bracelet made for grandma’s Golden wedding anniversary with silhouettes and initials. The silhouettes of the grandchildren were hand-painted by Cassandra’s silhouette artist and then recreated in gold in the workshop (and engraved on the reverse) with initials. In the years to come, each child will inherit their silhouette and continue the tradition. The bracelet was made with repurposed gold.

Epiphany bracelet in 9ct yellow gold with Alice letter pendants and silhouettes attached.

55th anniversary – Emerald

Emeralds symbolise eternity, which 55 years of marriage almost is. They also represent commitment, so for this length of time, the emerald tradition must be kept. If she loves chocolate, she might love the whimsical Cocoa Pod locket set with emeralds and diamonds. Or is she a gardener and would be delighted by a pair of Astrantia flower earrings set with diamonds and emeralds? Would he like a pair of the Ovale cufflinks set with  unusual pieces of rough Emerald ?

Emerald and diamond cocoa pod pendant which opens to reveal the stones inside


Keep it simple with a pair of elegant studs such as these Theresa pave emerald studs that will stand the test of time and be worn every day, then be passed down as a treasured heirloom.


60th anniversary – Diamond

Congratulations, your sixtieth wedding anniversary is diamond, a beloved stone that is strong and enduring, the representation of an unbreakable marriage. Give her Cassandra’s Volo d’Angelo diamond white-gold necklace, symbolising an eternal love with its continuous pattern of circles that are never-ending.  Or her Cirkel ring set with diamonds — perhaps set with a diamond representing each grandchild. Children and grandchildren, listen up and share a whisper tip-off. 

Cirkel ring with 12 repurposed old-cut diamonds



For more inspirational ideas, visit Cassandra Goad’s website